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Health & Safety

Easy to use comprehensive range of assessments, guides and tools to help you comply with your health & safety obligations and includes free online health & safety training.

Whilst many businesses regard health & safety legislation as something of a minefield, the simple fact is that employees are your company's greatest asset. By working with us to develop and observe good practice guidelines you can reduce the risks faced by employees. Good safety practice will also reduce the expensive down time that is inevitable when an accident occurs.

Practical Help & Guidance

Here you will find guides and template assessments you can use to help you meet your legal obligations. Take our online tour.

Training & e-learning

Online training to ensure that your employees are aware of their Health & Safety reponsibilities and common hazards at work. Take our online tour.

Fire Safety

Reduce and control the risk of fire to your business. Practical measures you can take as well as advice and guidance. Check how your current standards match up.

Latest news and updates

Keep up to date with the very latest news and developments.

Accident reporting

Find out what you need to report folllowing an accident and the steps you need to follow.
Accident reporting