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Secure, automatic, on line Data back-up & recovery service

In a recent survey by the Chartered Insurance Institute, 49% of respondents stated that they had suffered a loss of productivity due to a critical IT or communication failure.
Whilst the backing up of data is now commonplace in business, this often consists of a daily or weekly back-up onto tape, disk or other memory device.  Sometimes this back-up is stored in a data safe; more often it is removed from the site by a manager or member of staff.  This places confidential company or customer information at risk.  It could also leave the company open to prosecution for failure to ensure adequate data protection.
Even if a safe is used, there may be an incident that destroys both the original data and the back up.  
To protect your business against these risks, Aspen Risk Management has teamed up with DepositIT.  At a glance, the benefits of this system are as follows:
Extremely quick and easy to set up.
Fully automatic: once an online log on is completed, data is automatically backed up each day and held off site at one of DepositIT’s three secure data storage sites.
All files are fully encrypted, guaranteeing privacy.
Business critical data can be restored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Customers receive confirmation emails after back-ups.
An open file manager allows the back-up of database files that might fail with other back-up systems.
Store and retain historic versions of files.
Meets FSA compliance guidelines.
Find out more at DepositIT

We are committed to providing more than just insurance. So our Virtual Risk Manager includes access to an on line data back-up and recovery service which would normally cost over £1000.



Kevin Pallett and Geoff Crisp on why data back-up is vital and how we can help.

Almost every business is now dependent on electronic information. In fact 90% of businesses that lose vital data fail within 2 years with the main cause being power problems including surges and lightning. Too often back-ups are not carried out, kept on site or carried around by staff so they are neither safe nor secure.

So it is essential to make sure that robust arrangements are in place to ensure business continuity and to avoid losing valuable data and the prosecution that inevitably follows.

This service, provided by data back-up specialists Depositit is quick and easy to set up and once in place runs automatically so it can’t be forgotten.

  • Secure, on line, automatic data back-up service for PCs, laptops and servers.
  • Backs up all file types including Exchange and SQL.
  • It is easy to set up and once in place backups are easily carried out with files fully encrypted and password protected.
  • e mail confirmations are sent every time so that you know the back-up has been successful.
  • Back-ups are stored off-site at one of three specialist UK data centres 
  • Data is quick and easy to restore either at home or on another computer.
  • 75 gbs is provided as part of your insurance policy and unlimited capacity is available from Depositit for an additional charge.